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Confidential Memo: President’s Task Force 2.2.4 Action Item In the wake of the 2014 fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, national attention has focused on the use of force by law enforcement (ACLU, 2016.) To rebuild trust between law enforcement and communities, President Barack Obama signed an executive order establishing the Task Force of 21st Century Policing. In 2015, President Obama met with members of his Task Force and delivered a message to the press which highlighted the need to collect more data and information stating; “…there was a great emphasis on the need to collect more data. Across this country, we’ve got 18,000 law enforcement jurisdictions. Right now [law enforcement and local communities] do not have a good sense,…show more content…
Greenleaf, I would adopt the servant-leadership model to effectively implement policy change. Servant-leadership is defined as, “A new kind of leadership model which puts serving others as the number one priority [and] emphasizes increased service to others; a holistic approach to work; promoting a sense of community; and the sharing of power in decision-making (Smith,…show more content…
More importantly, I would also sponsor the efforts of coalition activists and the American Civil Liberties in their request to Attorney General Mason to: “condition federal criminal justice grants on data collection and reporting on police-civilian encounters; and provide regulations on the implementation of the Deaths in Custody Reporting Act” (ACLU, 2016.) Lastly, I would request technical assistance from D. Brian Burghart; founder of the “Fatal Encounters” project that crowdsources media accounts and public records to create a national database of people killed by law enforcement (Grothaus, 2015.) Burghart’s work on “Fatal Encounters” will be fundamental to increasing awareness of the legislatures by providing visual conceptualization through clear graphs of people killed during interactions with law
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