Confidentiality Is The Safe Keeping Of Documentation And Information From A Client

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In this essay, I, will explore circumstances a health professional would be justified in disclosing confidential information to a third party without his/her consent.
Confidentiality is the safe keeping of documentation and information from a client. The information must be kept between you and the client for it to remain confidential. Confidential information could be a client’s name, address, date of birth, bank details, family details and religion (Confidentiality, 2009). To make sure confidentiality is maintained record keeping should be locked and secured, information is not told to anyone who shouldn’t know and information about clients should only be discussed when they have consented. It’s important you know the limits to consent …show more content…

It’s important when working in this environment you know when to disclose this information (Griffith and Tengnah, 2013). If a patient discloses personal/confidential information it’s your duty of confidence to keep this information between the two people. It’s a legal duty to keep this information confidential. This is a duty within your employment contract and professional conduct (.
The Common Law for example is a law based on previous court cases and is sometimes referred to as the ‘judge made’ law. When a duty of confidence applies, this information should not be disclosed without the person’s consent (Copyright, 2016). Therefore, any information about a patient such as their documents must not be disclosed. However, confidentiality is not absolute confidential. Disclosing this information can be legal if the person has consented, to safeguard the individual if necessary or to safeguard others around them or if there is a court order where they have a legal duty to disclose of this information. Therefore, if the health and social care provider discloses any of the information from the client they must seek consent from the client first (Copyright, 2016). A client can bring legal action against them if they are not permitted under the common law and could have them done for breaching confidentiality.
Anyone who is involved in working with client’s records should know their responsibility when making sure they are kept confidential. When requested by others to see

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