Conflict Between Romanticism And Romanticism In The Dead Poet Society

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Seize the day while you can There are certain films that get under our skin, never to come out. They change our lives, and make us think about social issues that may influence our perceptions of reality – most of the time for the better. Dead Poet Society is one of those few films who makes a difference. I would describe the film like a cinematic masterpiece and I could watch it repeatedly, absorbing more meanings every time. I will in this text start with a description of the context in the film and explain an issue raised by it. Further I’m I going to discuss the influence of the film, before I give a conclusion in the end. The Dead Poet Society is a conflict between romanticism and realism. The all-boys preparatory school is founded on tradition…show more content…
Todd is very shy and afraid of saying meaningless things. Neil on the other hand is full of energy and life, but can´t assume his dreams because of his controlling father who has everything sorted out for him. The new teacher Mr. Keating begins his teachings explaining the students that they should seize the day to make their lives count and that they should follow the legacy of “Carpe Diem” who means exactly this. He continues by instructing his students to rip out the introduction of the scientific way to describe poetry, and makes them do other outdoor exercises to make them awareness of the danger of conformity, and encourages them to think for themselves. The students get a quick connection with Mr. Keating and finds out he was a member of a secret society called the Dead Poets Society. Mr. Keating describes glorious moments, but warns them to forget about it. Never less, the boys make their own version of the Dead Poet Society they sneak off campus. After they starts to follow Mr. Keating legacy, Neil realizes that his real passion is acting, and he gets a role in the local
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