Essay on Conflict, Disarray, and War in Democratic Republic of Congo

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Recently, war has become a huge problem in many countries around the world. War is defined as a violent mass conflict between two or more armed forces or actors in warfare. The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), previously known as Zaire gained independence from Belgium in 1960 and immediately descended into a state of conflict and disarray. It is a vast country, covering territory about the size of Western Europe and include a wide variety of geographic regions. However, the war is ravaging the land in one of the most complex African conflicts. The Democratic Republic of Congo is currently at war due to several reasons. Conflict prevention was meant to be an integral part of the operation and was covered by the mandate. Thus, …show more content…

Although the impediments to peace are enormous, there are several observers who believe that the peace process is effectively important in the country. Third, the positive effect of the war is that the world now has the best chance for peace, security and development since the founding of the United Nations. The current President Joseph Kabila has failed to deliver international reconciliation (Peace).Unfortunately; violence continued until 2009. The DRCis fighting with Rwandan militias fighting over power control and naturals resources. For example, in 1997 to 2003, there was still violence and conflict between the two groups. According to the International Rescue Committee , 5.4million people have been killed, and 3.4 million have left their homes. This war in the Congo is due to negligence, and nonalignment of the country. Finally, some remarkable progress has been made in consolidating the peace process, culminating in the imminent installation of the transitional government and other institutions. 2. Analyze the specific actions that the leadership of the selected country has taken, through the use of its foreign aid from donor nations and international lending institutions, to relieve the severe problems caused by warfare. Foreign aid plays an important role in the developing countries. War has caused famine, malnutrition, and high rate of mortality in the DRC. There is aid from donors in many countries around the globe. Africa,

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