Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution

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Conflict management and dispute resolution coursework

Conflict and dispute are normal phenomenon in society and human relationships. When using different resolution techniques, conflicting parties could get both constructive and destructive outcomes. Good decisions from negotiation can bring a 'win-win ' prospect to interested parties. This essay firstly proves the inevitability of conflict and dispute on commercial projects, reviewing some basic definitions and theories. Then, some useful and effective dispute resolution techniques in standard forms of commercial projects are discussed and compared. Lastly, four methods and the potential use of principled negotiation is evaluated for Chinese construction industry in …show more content…

Pinkley & Northcraft (1994) emphasized that it is important to get a 'win-win ' result between parties in conflict management, maximizing benefits for every party. It is true that positive conflict promotes understanding and leads to successful goals.

Based on the outcomes, conflict is usually divided into two types: functional conflict and dysfunctional conflict (Balabanis, 1998).

2.2.1 Functional conflict
Functional or constructive conflict is described as a process which can "facilitate the attainment of the group 's goals and to improve performance"(Mckenna, 2006). It is helpful for individuals or groups to create innovative thoughts and approaches to solve problems, and to performance better in the long run. Perlow (2003) also argues that constructive decisions will be finally made by reasonable people even they hold different opinions in uncertain conditions. This means functional conflict focuses on finding a resolution to the problem.

One premise of the functional conflict is that people involved in the negotiation should be willing to listen to one another and be interested in getting a solution that suits both sides. With this premise, conflict can provide an important opportunity for growth. If the people is paranoid and selfish who only considers his own profit or interest but cannot tolerant different opinions from one anther, there won 't be any chances for the success of the negotiation between both parties. Destructive consequences will

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