Conflict Reflection Paper

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Conflict is a situation where a potential development of one person or group has been blocked by another. I would think that the most widely used definition links a conflict situation to a disagreement or misunderstanding between two or more parties. One of the obstacles that teams encounter is trying to remain focused on jobs objectives, balancing the workloads, learning each other while adapting to the team. I was part of a team that had every element we thought that was need to succeed we planned and drill everyone know there job and did it well. Half way through the project we realized that even though we had all the elements to succeed we were still falling short of our goal. After rethinking our plan, we concluded that we were missing the right leadership and lacking in communication. I have found that you learn more about dealing with conflicts when you experience them first hand it teaches you life lessons on staying focused on your goal. I will start with what I think is the greatest problem with the teams I have been a part of and that is communication. Communication or the lack of it can make or break any chance of productivity. In order to has effective communication team members should use some finesse by selecting the right words and listen and not just hear what each person has to offer. Philippians 2:4 let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others. As members of the body of Christ, we need to strive to

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