Conflict Resolution Plan

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CONFLICT RESOLUTION ACTION PLAN Introduction The recently-resolved Chicago Teachers' Strike provides an opportunity to apply basic conflict-resolution principles and strategies to develop an effective conflict resolution action plan. Generally, that action plan will allow the respective sides in any conflict to resolve it as expeditiously as possible in several different ways. First, it limits the spread of conflicts over specific issues to wider antagonism focused on identity or affiliation. Second, it reduces the natural tendency for opposing groups to escalate the intensity and character of their conflicts unnecessarily and to begin to focus on "winning" or "defeating" the other group instead of achieving the most objectively fair outcome for all stakeholders. Third, it promotes meaningful communication and good-faith dialogue as the primary means of initiating a productive conflict resolution process. Ultimately, the comprehensive purpose of the conflict resolution action plan is to prevent the evolution of greater levels of conflict that presented by the facts and the issues or, where the plan is implemented after escalation has already occurred, to transform the conflict into a communications process capable of being mediated, negotiated, and resolved with an outcome that is as close to optimal and fair as possible under the circumstances. The Bases of the Conflict The main sources of disagreement in Chicago pertained to the length of the instructional school
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