Conflict Style Assessment : The Purpose Of Conflict Management

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Conflict Management
The purpose of the conflict management is to allow an individual to identify preferred conflict styles according to conflict management style assessment. In the conflict Management Assessment, the collaborating style is the most aligned to my management style. According to conflict management, collaborating styles are solved in an ideal result and is provided for all involved. Usually both sides get what they want and negative feelings are reduced. Generally, the pros of this management style create mutual trust, maintains positive relationship and builds commitments. The cons are that it is time consuming and energy consuming.
The collaborative style that is described does not reflect my management skills. The competing style reflects authoritarian approach and that is closely aligned to my management approach. According to the conflict management assessment, the competing styles, is goal oriented and quick. In a management style occupation, you have to be authoritative in order to manage properly. In the collaborating style, an individual has to meet both ways and both get what they want, and this does not reflect my approach. Often my approach breeds hostility and many times conflict arises in the workplace. Therefore, the competing style approach align properly with my style, rather than collaborating.
The most difficult style exhibited by others to work with is the avoiding style. This style is a non-confrontation approach but can also cause

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