Conflict : The Boko Haram Insurgency

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Conflict: The Boko Haram Insurgency Type of Conflict: Hot war. Origins Boko Haram is the nickname for the group officially known in Arabic as "Jama 'atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda 'awati Wal-Jihad"--the People Committed to the Propagation of the Prophet 's Teachings and Jihad. Named by the Northern Nigerian Muslims and subsequently picked up by the press, the name Boko Haram translates to "Western education is forbidden" and is derived from the teachings of Mohammed Yusuf, the group 's early leader, who claimed that western style education and the holding of government jobs are religiously forbidden, or haram, under Islam. Mohammed Yusuf founded the sect in 2002 in Maiduguri, the capital of the north-eastern state of Borno. He established a religious complex and school that attracted poor Muslim families from across Nigeria and neighbouring countries. The center had the political goal of creating an Islamic state, and became a recruiting ground for individuals wanting to participate in jihad. By denouncing the police and state corruption, Yusuf attracted followers from unemployed adults to poverty-stricken youths. He is reported to have used the existing infrastructure in Borno of the Izala Society, a popular conservative Islamic sect, to recruit members, before breaking away to form his own faction. Officially, Boko Haram wants to establish an Islamic state in Nigeria and the introduction of Sharia law. But it isn 't that simple. "Injustice and poverty, as well as the belief that
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