The Global War On Terror And U.s. Operations

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Sweeny 1
Christopher Sweeny
Mrs. Gallos
English 3
20 April 2015
A Global War:
The Global War on Terror and U.S. Operations to Eliminate Terrorism
Approximately 2,823 people were killed in the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 9, 2001. Since then there have been 20,022 terrorist attacks in the united states alone, according to There are many dangerous terrorist organizations out There. Most of them are based in the middle east. “there’s another organization using the same exact tactics—wreaking destruction in Iraq and tearing at the country’s social fabric in the process. This time, it’s a Shia militia with close ties to the Iraqi government, the Iraqi army and Iran.” stated in an article on
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They first caught the world 's attention when they raided a boarding school in a town on the edge of nigeria’s border called Chibok. During the raid, approximately 300 nigerian school girls were taken hostage by Boko Haram, and were threatened with forced marriage and forced conversion. This is one of the few acts of violence that Boko Haram have committed against society. Since May 2011, 6,742 people have been killed by Boko Haram during these attacks. Boko Haram has been known for their history of suicide bombing, raiding, and shooting schools and dormitories. “...Boko Haram has been menacing Nigeria’s northern communities for years. “ according to The last terrorist group is Kataib Hezbollah. Kataib Hezbollah was founded in 2006 or 2007 and is known for ambushing U.S. troops during their patrols of iraqi neighborhoods and setting Improvised Explosive Devices, or IED’s, in the roads that U.S. Humvees patrolled. “The killing of U.S. soldiers and the frequent rocket attacks that KH would launch directly into Baghdad’s Green Zone landed the group on the U.S. foreign terrorist organization list in 2009.” according to Nouri al-Maliki, former Iraqi prime minister, depended mostly on informal Shia militias like Kataib Hezbollah for reinforcing an army that is having a hard time repelling ISIL’s power. But terrorism can be anywhere at anytime. the Inter Services Intelligence of Pakistan supported islamic
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