Construct An Access Road For Materials Transport For A Site Of Future Construction

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The focus of this project is to construct an access road to allow for materials transport to a site of future construction. With any project comes a need for trained individuals to manage it. The people placed into this position are referred to as project managers (PM). Regardless of how well trained or talented they are, there can be no real measurable success without the skillful use of the tools at their disposal. This paper will discuss a comprehensive plan to construction an access road that will eventually provide logistical flow to a future construction site; through establishing a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), a baseline budget reflected through Earned Value Management (EVM), processes, planned in benchmarks and financial performance metrics to demonstrate productivity and scheduling according to an actionable plan. To begin with it is a requirement to understand the needs of this project in order to begin any planning. Things that should be taken into account are the available funding, allocated workforce, and time requirement of logistical flow to just mention a few. After this data is accumulated the WBS is created. According to Venkataraman (2008), The WBS is a foundational document to the project as a whole. It provides a phase oriented linear scheme to the project 's schedule. This document will allow the Project Manager to track issues relating to cost, scheduling, and performance at the operational level. On the WBS cost estimations are
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