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Table of Contents 1. Introduction and the New Consumer Product or Service 4 Tiffany and Co. Australia 4 New product – iPhone case 4 Target Market 4 2. Issues Facing Consumers in Adopting this New Product or Service 6 Sociocultural factor (Facilitators) 6 Attitudes (Facilitators) 7 Belief (Barriers) 8 Decision Making (Barriers) 9 3. Consumer Response to these Issues 10 Profile of interviewing respondents 10 Interviewing Questions 12 Summary of the answer 16 4. Recommendations and Conclusion 18 Pricing 18 Perception map 21 We aim to give customer a perception that Tiffany & Co.’s …show more content…

The result revealed that young people are easier to be influenced by sociocultural factors.
Furthermore, Berg, MA (2011) conducted a research about the behaviours of teenagers, and the use of information and communication technologies outside school. Research found that teenagers tend to use social media network such as Facebook and MySpace, more then other social activities. Moreover, teenagers have the lack of satisfaction regarding their online life and the importance given to the anonymous online-communication predicts a higher disclosure on the Internet. The promotional strategy of some companies could be change, due to the changes of sociocultural of teenagers. Ansari, Koenigsberg and Stahl (2011, p713-728) also indicates the rapid growth of online social networks has brought many changes of promotion in the marketing field in studying the structure and function of social networks.

Attitudes (Facilitators)
A major issue facing consumers is the effect of attitudes from a group of people. Smith, De Vries, Tan and Prislin (cited in Timmor &Katz-Navon 2008, p. 250) claims that in this market each person belongs either to a group of people that has adopted the new products/services, or to a group of individuals that has not adopted it. In other words, an individual belongs to a group of people is called "ingroup," while the others belongs to other subgroup is called "outgroup." The size of each group always changes as

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