Teens: A New Marketing Target

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Acknowledgements 4 Abstract 5 Introduction 6 Chapter 1: Literature Review 10 1.0 Introduction 10 1.1 Definition of teenager 10 1.2 Their culture : their purchase attitudes 11 1.3 Their importance in the French market 12 1.4 A customer to secure of loyalty 13 1.5 The difficulty of brands to figure out teenagers 13 1.6 The politic of product of brands 14 1.7 The new means of communication and advertising of brands. 14 1.8 The politic of distribution and price 15 1.9 Influence of the brand to the teenagers 16 1.9Conclusion 17 Chapter 2 : Marketing Research Process 18 2.1Problem definition : 18 2.2Research objectives and hypothesis : 18
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Research hypothesis:
The research hypothesis is that teenagers can identify themselves through the brands, which offer them a social recognition among the others; thus, it encourages them to purchase some brands. Furthermore, teenagers represent the buyers of tomorrow and can influence the purchase behaviour of their family, that is why the firms want to secure the loyalty of them.

Research objectives:
The research project possesses two objectives: * Objective 1: To investigate the power of influence of teenagers in purchasing products. * Objective 2: To analyze the influence of strategies marketing of the brands on the purchase decision of teenagers.

Project overview

This project aims to understand the interest of brands for the target adolescent. Indeed, nowadays teenagers are more and more seek by the brands with marketing strategies and innovations of products adapted to their mentality and to their language, with the aim of making them consume always more. The youth represent about 10 million persons in France on 60 million, and their purchasing power did not stop increasing during the last decades, representing in 2004 1,5 to 3 billion euros. Furthermore, this market has a strong potential for the brands
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