How Has Social Media Affected Teens?

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Social Media Marketing

How has social media affected teens? The topic I chose for my research paper focuses on Social Media Marketing. Social Media is the biggest form of communication now a days. It hasn’t only changed the way people interact with each other, but also the way companies communicate. “What are companies doing to teenagers through technology?” Additionally, technology has become part of our everyday life and how we do things. Not only has social media made things easier for numerous people, but it has brought money to many hands.
Life on social network has turned into a competition between companies, people , websites, etc. During this research process, we had a chance to interview an expert and talk more about their opinions and experience towards this field. As many of us know, we enjoy using the internet to chat with friends, play games online, interact with new people , view images, etc. What most of us don 't know is what really goes on in the media world while we use it.
The information gathered from social media and marketing comes from different sources who have experience in this topic or work with technology. Our goal is to gather as much information from what we know, to what we learned, and finally give it a conclusion. This topic is something we’re researching because we want to have the opportunity to see how technology impacts us and our surroundings. We gathered information from “Generation Like Frontline” video as shown on PBS…
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