Consumer Education Curriculum Analysis

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When starting out on this project, I was planning a module for District 95’s consumer education course. The goal was to bring a blended learning or distance learning opportunity to the students within the District. While planning and designing this module, many different aspects came up. Who will be implementing this module, how long will it take the learners to get through the module, how does this module compare to the face-to-face classroom, how will this module be implemented, and what will be in place for a backup plan in case the technology component fails. Throughout this paper we will be taking an in-depth look at each of these aspects, in order to give a clear picture of this module. Part A: The Who and How Based on Figure 1, we …show more content…

We could control the content of the course, knowing that it aligns with what our District’s objectives are, and most importantly keep FTE up.” Thus, the beginning of planning the module. At this point I, myself am going to be the one who will be doing them implementation, but if the program takes off, I could end up training others in the Business Education Department on how to instruct the course. Twelve Days That is correct, 12 days. The traditional summer sessions are Monday through Thursdays, from 7:15 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. with Fridays as a non-attendance day. When breaks are removed that is four hours of instructional time. The idea of distance learning brought up a few areas of discontentment. The first came from the Business Education Department, “how to keep the validity of the unit tests.” Even in the face-to-face classroom, I have seen students take screenshots of the materials located on Canvas (our learning management software). This reason alone, is why this module went from being a full distance learning course, to a blended learning course. Blended learning courses “incorporate both online and face-to-face activities, often require more preparation time outside of the classroom for students than traditional face-to-face courses” (Margolis, Poter, & Pitterle, 2017). Students will be expected to come into the building for the unit tests after they have completed the online module with all the formative assessments. District 95 offers two

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