Contemporary Issues in Management

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Contemporary Issues in Management ASB – 4426

Abhishek Roy Gollamudi abpc90

Contemporary Issues in Management: Business Ethics and Values
Introduction Business Ethics and Values has this become a very high regarded issue in management. Changing demands, advancing technology and worldwide recession have added to the suppression of this issue and has forced management to maintain numbness towards business ethics and to exploit very possible opportunity disregarding the interests of employees and the markets. Increased expectations of the clients, social and economic environment and corporate governance are all driving forces that have rendered project leads and managers having no choice but to compromise on this concern. Some big
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Fig 1. Conceptual Model

Source: Koonmee et al. (2010).


Contemporary Issues in Management ASB – 4426

Abhishek Roy Gollamudi abpc90

Quality of Work Life Ethics and QWL are two interlinked work environment factors in enterprises. QWL is the perceptions to which the business meets the full scale of employees needs for their well-being at work. The QWL are of two categories, lower order and higher order. Fig 1. depicts the conceptual model of the QWL. This is very essential for continuous attraction of human resource and also to retain the current work force. Regardless, many of the employees are experiencing dissatisfaction towards work and the work place. Loss of interest, drop in production, low employee morale etc. all leading to the overall drop in operations. Similarly, while at work, we had been subjected to immense stress and high job deliverance which led to poor performance constantly month on month. Frustration built amongst employees in this particular project more than the other processes across the floor. This project was Accenture‟s Diamond project and the maximum revenue generator and the decline in production only meant pushing employees to strive harder beyond the point of exhaustion. So much that the meal-break time was down-sized, team huddle time slots were allocated outside the production time. A feeling
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