Essay on Ethics in Project Management

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This essay will describe about ethics in project management which will provide us an overview of the aspects how the organizations develop the ethics in an organization and about the differences in the ethical decision making among various professionals in their given field. In order to understand various aspects of the chosen topic various literature have been examined including peer reviewed articles which have been carefully chosen. In today’s world all the professional fields have adopted the ethical code of conduct in one way or another but there are differences in the decision making because of variation in company culture and the ethical values of a project manager and the employees. …show more content…

As we see, beside to privacy right, there are other rights that should be considered as well. So the someone privacy right should be respected as far as it does not provide possibility of break other people‘s right.

Ethics in IT: Mentioned by Strassmann, there is an issue for which, about our personal responsibility to other’s unethical behaviour and deciding whether or not play the role of the ethics police for people including our colleagues, partners, customers or even our boss.
Bill Nance, a professor of management information systems at San Jose State University, disagree with such a way of thinking, he believes this "don't ask, don't tell" policy might end up costing a lot more than the money saved by the illegal money-saving strategies. He gave reason that "If a client or co-worker is doing something that is beyond unethical --something that is illegal -- and others involved know or `could have reasonably known,' as lawyers say in court, they could be considered an accomplice”.
I personally think in this sort of situation expectation of always acting as a moral cop is to some extent idealist and not realistic; sometimes because of the side effects of playing such a role, it could cost too much, such as losing job or popularity, so it would not worth to do so.

Following are the main objectives that are meant to be achieved with

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