Context And Imagery Of The Visionary Spirit Of Mark Weiser

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Context and Capture in Healthcare

Imagining a glimpse of the future beings with the spark of inspiration rooted in the visionary spirit of Mark Weiser. Despite his short life, Weiser initiated the beginning of what we know as ubiquitous computing. His transformative notion in the sense of what computing should provide to the experience of humans has resonated for decades throughout the research community. The bridge between humans and computers and the divide of the digital and physical world should be seamless. It should fold into and disappear within our everyday activities as Weiser described in his famous 1991 paper [8]. His notion of invisible computing or the act of computing merging and dwelling within everyday activities,
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All three examples intend to show why such concepts are needed for its success.

UbiFit Garden
In order to encourage physical exercise in the generally increasing sedentary lifestyle of many people, researchers from Intel and University of Washington [6] developed an “on-body sensing, real-time statistical modeling, and a personal, mobile display” in the environment entitled, UbiFit Garden. The need arose out of users who are planning to incorporate a healthy lifestyle but have not been able to. This system composes three elements, a fitness device, an interactive application and a glanceable display. The fitness device through multiple types of sensors and inputs such as a 3-d accelerometer, barometer, humidity, visible and infrared light, temperature, microphone and compass is able to automatically conclude the context of the environment and sense the physical activity the user performed. This information is then transferred to the glanceable display and interactive application. The success of the application is bound to the Mobile Sensing Platform (MSP) [6] which is a platform for mobile sensing and inference applications. This pager-sized, battery power platform becomes the medium with which the inputs are sensed. Without this computer, the context of the environment will not be able to be
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