Contextual Factors Essay

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Running head: WEEK FOUR ASSIGNMENT ONE Contextual Factors Two examples of contextual factors that influence a curriculum Contextual factors can be defined as any situations, forces or circumstances that may exist within or outside a nursing school and has to probability of influencing the school and the different programs. These factors are divided into two group’s internal and external factors. The internal contextual factors are those that originate within the institution such as history, philosophy, culture, finance, programs, and the schools infrastructure. External contextual factors are those that originate outside the school and have the ability to affect the curriculum. Some factors are demographic, professional …show more content…

Human resources are a major category that falls under this area. The faculties which make up part of the human resources and, a vital part of the infrastructure are a key to the curriculum development and for successful implementation(Iwasiw, et al., 2009). It is essential that this process be managed by faculty, because they share a major responsibility in teaching students and their learning so greatly depend on the quality of the curriculum (Wolf, Hughes & Baron-Nixon, 2007). All the different members that make up the faculty should be considered, whether they are clinicians, preceptors, guest speakers or support staffs, because of their involvement, perspectives and contributions that they may have regarding curriculum development. These staffs are essential, because they aid in the smooth day to day function of the school and the program. Students are vital because without them there would be no need for a nursing school and thus no curriculum. The physical resources must also be considered, because the space for classroom, technological aids, and library resources must be sufficient so that the needs of the students are matched with the curriculum (Iwasiw, et al., 2009). Prior to the revision, or development of any curriculum, the curriculum developers must carefully consider several factors in

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