Continuum Of Care : Nursing Essay

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Continuum of Care
Antonia Smith Christian Brothers University
NURS 405: Global Health Nursing
Instructor: Dr. Burnett
November 16, 2016

Continuum of Care Nursing is a profession of compassion and healing. Nurses are subjected to compassion fatigue, burnout, high stress, and moral distress. Many nurses work 12-hour shifts within a facility with staffing shortages and are determined to balance work with multiple aspects of life outside of work. Under stress, over worked, and minimally assisted, nurses are vulnerable to making mistakes that could lead to death. “The Institute of Medicine reported that communication failures account for most adverse outcomes in hospitals” (Margo, 2013). This paper will discuss increasing patient safety and closing the gap in communication by adding RN staff huddle to bedside shift report. For patients in an ICU, how does RN staff huddle plus bedside shift report compare to bedside shift report alone, in relation to staff knowledge of all patients on the unit to result in increased patient safety during a 12-hour shift?
“Historically, nurses have provided patient information to the oncoming nursing staff to ensure the continuity of care (Chaboyer et al., 2009)” (Maxson, Derby, Wrobleski, & Foss, 2012, p.140). In that era of nursing, shift report also consisted of audio tapes, written reports, and the nurse in charge informing the oncoming nursing staff of their patient assignments. Shift report has

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