Continuum Of Research In Social Work

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The idea for this perspective program is an agency for people to be able to find, not only jobs, but careers after they have been convicted of a crime, even if it is a smaller offense. Being able to find job placement is important to the community, because men and women who have been convicted of crimes have a decrease in their chances of finding a jobs after they have criminal records. Many jobs require background check to verify if the employee has any criminal records. Many employers do not want to risk that they might be employing someone, who has a background of making bad decisions and many do not want to risk that the employee might commit a criminal act at the workplace. This can be even more prominent is the person has charges such …show more content…

In social work, it is common to want to know why they committed that crime and what the underlying reason was. A low income woman may have stolen toilet paper to have her family use, gets caught and now has retail theft on her record for the rest of her life. In jobs that require little to none job requirement, many employers do not want to look at those applications and often eliminate those with criminal records, because of the high application rate, there is always going to be someone without a criminal record to fill the …show more content…

Knowing whether the program will be effective and what supports will be the most helpful to have the most successful program. The formulating question is, does outside supports help those not only get employment but maintain employment after they have committed a crime? Those who are attempting to gain employment in entry level jobs even with the most minor crimes have witnessed some type of discrimination. Uggen (2014) Studied men of all races apply for around three hundred entry level job. Each of the men had disorderly conduct on their records but where never found guilty. Compared to the control group, those who had the disorderly conduct on their record, had a twenty five percent less rate of getting a call back from the job that they were applying for. This article proves that there is discrimination among those who have criminal backgrounds, even if they have not been proven guilty. American law is based on the idea of innocent until proven guilty, but not everyone share that same belief (Uggen,

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