Contract: Consensual Relationship Agreements

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Whether they are married or single, invariably someone gets attracted to some else on the job. When this happens, there is reason for concern to the company, the employees, and even, the ones involved in the lover's relationship. Some employers are looking toward consensual relationship agreements to protect the company and employees in these situations. This action could produce pros and cons.
A consensual relationship agreement is a contract signed by both parties in a dating relationship, as well as, management that states the employees will not allow the relationship to interfere with or impact the work environment and the relationship is consensual and voluntary. (Regulating Workplace Romance) Since on the job romance rarely lasts, there are often harassment charges that result from failed relationships. Retaliation can also result causing conflicts in the work environment. There can be discrimination charges resulting from coworkers who feel they have been cheated because lovers often show favoritism. Conflicts with office morale often results when one of the lovers is a supervisor and the other is a subordinate. Others may feel they are getting a higher work load because someone is sleeping with the boss.
Consensual relationship agreements are often used to decrease sexual harassment litigation risk for the company and employees, especially for management positions that are…
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