Relationship Between Co Workers And Workplace

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Do you believe at love at first sight? Well, love or attractions you have for someone is not something that can be controlled, and can happen at any time at any place. It is often considered as a taboo issue, but workplace romance and relatives relationship at work is a reality. Workplace can be considered a second home for most people, as they spend nearly half of a day or even more there. Thus, it can become a dating environment; affinities with co-workers can develop and can lead to workplace romance, friendship and sexual relationship. Workplace relationships can create major issues to companies, and the interesting aspect of this topic is the fact that companies to not know how to deal with this problem unlike other common issues. In this paper we will talk about different types of relationships that can grow at work, we will start by the relationship between co-workers, then relation with a subordinates, and we will also talk about family, and friends relationships at work. We will raise questions such as, how people should deal with a relationship at work? What can be the consequences of it? And the policies the companies have and in addition we will provide new rules that can be implemented. Being stuck in an office all day with the same people help creating strong connections. A recent study, found that 38% of people have dated a co-worker in their career (Brandon), this number is not negligible. Work environment promotes interpersonal relationships because of
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