Contract Creation And Management Essay

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Introduction Span Systems is a small software firm that was inquired by a large and prominent German bank, Citizen Schwarz AG. C-S must stay a head of the industry so they hired Span Systems to create a banking software for the bank. The software is the largest, most prestigious that Span Systems has acquired. The contract between Span and C-S is a legal valid contract with all the elements essential in making it binding and enforceable. An offer was presented containing a specific promise and a specific demand a consideration of valuables by C-S to pay $6 million to Span for providing them the software, the offer has been accepted by written agreement. Once the production of services was implemented, there were concerns and…show more content…
The output of these meetings will be minutes, which will serve as the project status reports. The reports will be transmitted to the Citizen-Schwartz AG Project Manager (via facsimile, e-mail or any other means mutually agreed to by the Citizen-Schwartz AG and Span Systems Project Managers respectively (University of Phoenix, 2008). Communication and Reporting problems include: The original contract provision has ambiguous terminology. The options are numerous with no clear and definitive directives, leading to confusion; and when coupled with a change of Citizen-Schwarz AG project management structure, have resulted in a delay of product approval and review. The Communication and Reporting clause needs to be amended to say: Through the duration of the project there will be weekly status meetings. The Citizen-Schwarz AG and Span Systems’ senior project managers will provide a monthly calendar schedule of a predetermined date, time, and location of the status meetings by email. These project status meetings are mandatory and will be attended by all project managers assigned to the project and conducted either in person or videoconferencing. The minutes of each meeting will be provided within one calendar day. A formal report will be transmitted to Citizens-Schwarz AG and Span Systems’ project managers respectively within three calendar days. Meeting set-up and report development will be the responsibility of Span Systems’ lead project manager. Change Control The
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