After Being Acquired By Sanofi In 2008, Very Little Had

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After being acquired by Sanofi in 2008, very little had changed at the Genzyme Allston Landing Facility until recently. The honeymoon period is over and over the next year Sanofi will be replacing all of the existing Genzyme systems with Sanofi corporate systems. These changes will impact all departments across the site and adapting the new systems will be a challenge. Thankfully, the systems are being rolled out incrementally over the year rather than all at once. As a result of this approach, the continued use of existing systems for new project work is being discouraged beyond a specific date. The site change management system, currently Trackwise, will be replaced by Sanofi’s own system, Phenix. As an engineer, I am required to …show more content…

Through various discussions with my manager and other individuals, I have discovered that this deadline was self-imposed by the QA CC group and not mandated by the company. For myself, and my team to be successful in achieving our project goals for the year, I feel I need to devise a strategy to allow our CCRs to be processed until at least the end of March. I believe this is possible through implementation of a strategy that uses the Cohen-Bradford model of influence without authority.
In the scope of this strategy, our group is at an advantage because we have not only developed good working relationships with the QA CC group, but also have built a reputation for meeting the dates we set within the CCR process. This is the exception onsite as other groups often miss or extend the CCR process dates they set. Due to the relationship we have built with the QA CC group, our group see them as allies as they do us, which makes the first step of the Cohen-Bradford model easy to achieve.
The next step in the model requires that my group fully understand our goals and priorities. Again, with this step I believe we have correctly prepared ourselves for success. The project list we developed in January includes a timeline for each project, with a projected start date, duration, and end date. This list allows us to narrow focus of the negotiation on two projects that were slated to initiate during the blackout period of

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