Control Function Analysis : Change Management

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Control Function Analysis

Change management is an approach ofmodifying people, teams and organizations from the present status to a future preferred status in order toimplement a certain strategy. It is an essential function in any project of an organization because it continuously enables an organization to stay current with other organizations in the marketplace. Change is essential for every organization. In order to achieve desirable utility change must be effective, successfuland most importantly sustainable (Jack Walker et al, 2007). Change management involves detailed planning and effective implantation of the change as well as in depth discussionand inclusion of the people who would be affected by the scheduled change. For change to be effective it should sound realistic, measurable and achievable.For an organization to always adapt to the competitive market environments, change management should be permanent business function that will improve the organization productivity and increase profits.
Employee loyalty is the commitment on the part of the employees to further the interests of an organization whereas motivation is the desire to work primarily because an employee wants to give his or her contribution in an organization.Employee’s loyalty and motivation are key factors for the success of any organization, therefore for a company to perform well in the long term the ultimate goal should be key employees’ retention and motivation. Many
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