Control Room by Jehane Noujaim

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Media & Propaganda The film, Control Room by Jehane Noujaim, is a very tragic film that occurred between the Middle East and the United States. Control Room seems to assert the possibility that though we my see many pictures and videos of an event, we may nevertheless not be getting a complete picture. In my opinion, I believe that pictures can lie because photos can be manipulated, media picks and chose what to show, and use false hopes and lies to cheer on their country. The war between Middle East and the United States brought many tears and destroyed many people’s lives. The media captured details and pictures from destroyed homes to many people dying. In the film, it showed an example of a house after it had been bombed. The lady was crying fiercely states, “Are were happy now! Look I have nowhere to live. Are you happy, are you happy!” She had nowhere to stay with her kids. Shots of bombs raining down on Baghdad and tanks driving through the desert had become familiar TV show for Iraq War. AlJazeera showed footages of the U.S. walking around with military and breaking house doors down to get in.
Yegekyan 2 The film showed examples to US torturing people to get on the ground and to obey their every rule. Kids were killed and so were majority of the people. The bombing also caused lot of deaths. People were anxious and scared because they never knew when the bomb was going to explode. The results showed after the bombing was touching. Kids and adults were all

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