Controversy Over Television's Negative Effects On Children

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We've all heard it before: TV rots your brain! But is that really true? While there is some science to support the claim, it hasn't yet changed the fact that most of the people we know have televisions. So why is that? The fact of the matter is that so many people have televisions because there is nothing inherently harmful about them. They don't have arms and legs. They aren't sentient. They can't get up, grab you, and force you to watch them all day. As human beings, we have free will, and it is not an electronic's fault if we do not have the restraint and self-control necessary to correctly use its technology. When used responsibly, televisions have the potential to benefit us through education and entertainment, and they should not be blamed for our shortcomings. The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and other similar organizations have argued for years that TV is hurting the world's kids in a number of ways. The Academy says TVs stop children from playing sports, spending time…show more content…
This is because many shows depict violence as a fun activity that the "cool kids" do. However, it's ridiculous to blame this on the show, as it didn't create itself. The creators of the show and the parents of the children watching should be held responsible. Producers of children's shows should be subject to some kind of regulation on the content of their creations, so that things like drugs, sex, and violence are not included. Everyone knows those things aren't appropriate for young minds, and parents know that as well! Adults with young children need to take the blame for what those kids are watching. They are the ones who pay for cable and allow the viewing of the inappropriate TV shows, and they should be expected to parent effectively and regulate the environment their children are raised
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