Pros And Cons Of Violence In Video Games

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Ever since the nineteen eighties people, usually politicians and the news media, have been quick to blame video games for societal woes, saying violence in video games causes violent behavior and makes people anti-social. Some have even argued video games cause racism, sexism, and cause health problems, but most research that points towards video games being bad are inconsistent and sometimes contradictory. And yet people still want to restrict and censor video games, even though they are an art form just like film or paintings or what have you, and because they are an art form they are a form of media and are protected under the first amendment. Violent video games do not cause real world violence like any art form they only mirror the violence of the real world, and it is contradictory to think that they cause actual violence. Video games have even been shown to be healthy, they relieve stress and increase hand eye coordination, and are a positive, non-violent form of relieving aggression in a way that does not cause physical harm to others.
The ESRB video game rating system which was introduced in the nineteen nineties and it is not legally binding and yet most retailers treat video games as if they were alcohol and tobacco corrupting the youth. Unlike tobacco and alcohol they do not put toxic chemicals into a person’s body unlike any sort of drug legal or otherwise. While a person can die from lack of physical activity video games alone cannot kill someone, since video
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