Video Games Should Be Legal

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Violent video games have been a source of controversy since 1976. Though there are many issues surrounding these games, there is one that is quite fickle: whether or not the descriptions for violent video games should be more thorough and if parents or adults should be able to purchase violent video games for minors. There should be more descriptive ratings and adults should not be allowed to buy video games for minors, because the ratings and descriptions now are not very thorough, and minors can still get access even though regulations have been put in place.
Violence and other inappropriate material has been a pinnacle of popular video games over time. For most a video game is just that, a game, but for others and those in the media they are fodder against all video games. This has been true ever since the first violent video game hit shelves in most major retailers. In 1976 the first controversial video game was pulled from the shelves due to excessive violence (NCAC). This game was called “Death Race,” and though it was not very advanced it awarded the player points for running over ‘gremlins,’ but the reason people became upset was due to the noise that the creature made when it was run over (NCAC). Even though this game did not have the highest graphic quality and the player ran over ‘gremlins’ not humans, it was still pulled off the shelves. This would not be the last time. As technology advanced, so did video games. This meant that not only did the quality of the…
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