Coral Reefs And Coral Reef

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Coral reefs in Belize have declined in abundance over the past decade. The reefs have experienced massive losses due to many local and global stressors such as bleaching, disease, sewage, overfishing, climate change, and tourism damage. After Hurricane Iris in 2001, the coral reef in Belize was left for the dead due to no growth. Direct impacts such as hurricanes are associated with the loss of architectural complexity of coral habitats. The loss of this coral reef complication drives the decline in diversity and species richness. The widespread mortality of corals also increases the chance of net reef erosion. These impacts are expected to amplify calcium carbonate dissolution with negative consequences for the entire reef framework…show more content…
Restoration projects strategically planned and mapped nursery sites and out-plant sites. This is the mostly widely used method for ecological recovery of coral reefs which is also called coral gardening. Coral gardening framework has expanded to planting ten thousand rehabilitated corals on degraded coral reefs in the Caribbean and Western Atlantic. This method is based on two factors: the collection of coral fragments within nurseries and the out-planting of nursery grown corals onto ruined reefs (Lirman, 2016). First, engineers took a few factors into consideration – what corals exist, and where, in proximity to the restoration sites. Next, donor corals must be mapped and scoped to the location of the nursery and out-plant sites in the process. Past restoration projects in the Caribbean and Western Atlantic are quite different from coral gardening. They depended on the transplantation of corals from a donor site to a damaged site (Lirman, 2016).Coral gardening techniques are a little different because this technique uses a small amount of corals within ex situ or in situ nurseries prior to outplanting onto degraded reefs. The key to coral gardening is to maximize coral productivity and survivorship. While corals are in the nursery, they can provide an expanding source of corals for ecological restoration. If there’s a high productivity at the nursery, they will no longer need to use more corals

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