Core Activities Of An Office Administrator At Danlnia Furniture Ltd

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The following report will look at four core activities of an Office Administrator at Danlnia Furniture Ltd including; meetings management, information management, Reception duties and website management It will explain the role of organising, planning and co-ordinating in each one of the core activities. The developments in two working practices will be evaluated from the perspective of both an employer and an employee. The report will then also go on to identify and describe four causes of stress that are created through working. The report will then provide two possible solutions for these issues.

Core Activities 1. Meetings Management

Meetings management involves a variety of different activities. Before a meeting has begun the office administrator should make sure that he/she has booked a room for the meeting and that it is in accessible location so that it allows access for anyone who is disabled and it complies with all current government legislation. The secretary should make sure that all the equipment is already set up in the room and check it is in good working order. For example: a computer and a projector if there are going to be presentations of any kind. There should also be sufficient refreshment available. An agenda which contain: Apologies, minutes of the previous meeting, matters arising, any other business and the date of the next meeting. This is sent to all attendees of the meetings in advance so they know what is being discussed.*

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