Essay on Corning Glass Work Case Study

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Harvard Business School Case Study

Corning Glass Works:
The Z-Glass Project

Claude Barnett  Jason Fishner  Jillian Ozkara  Frankie Quarles
Empire State College – Operations Management
Instructor Betul Lus
October 17, 2010

Problem Statement

The Corning Glass Company many product developments throughout the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. During that time they always had been a leader in the arena of glass and ceramic products. Corning Glass Company focused on commercial products until the 1960s when it entered the consumer market. One of Corning’s exceptional technologies in this market was Z-Glass. After several successful years of producing Z-Glass at the Harrisburg plant, …show more content…

Moreover, Corning’s reemphasis of technical competence demonstrates its corporate identity and commitment to process and productivity excellence.
Corning has a diverse product line that includes glass, ceramics, tableware, cookware, and auto parts. In order to offer such a diverse portfolio of products, Corning constantly reevaluates its production capabilities and deploys resources to improve productivity. The manufacturing and engineering team was developed internally and tasked with the responsibility of process change and improvement. The M & E team plays an integral part in Corning’s ability to garner new market share and leverage existing opportunities. For instance, the M & E team participated in numerous projects throughout Corning, but its core responsibilities include internal consulting, product quality assurance, and the smoothing the transition of products from R&D to production. The M & E team’s function is to solve problems by implementing long term solutions that facilitate process and quality improvement.
Despite M & E’s capabilities and overall intent, the formulation of this team was not well received initially by other divisions within the Corning

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