Corporate Branding is Essential for Today's Competative Market

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In this competitive world, nothing is as certain as uncertainty and nothing are as sustained as change for any businesses. Strategy building is not as simple as possible for companies and the ground rules for competition have shifted from predictable markets or stable product range to more dynamic and globalized ways. The traditional perceptions and applications of branding has been fully dominated by a product mindset. But changes in the modern era and huge technological developments laid difficulties in managing realistic product differentiation in the face of duplication and homogenization of products and services. Changes in the attitudes and mindsets of the customers are also making markets more complex and competitive in nature. …show more content…

Accordingly, Hatch and Schultz conceptualized corporate branding in following ways: (a) alignment between origin and day-to-day activities of the business (organizational culture); (b) where the organization aspires to go (strategic vision); (c) all nested in perceptions of who the organization is (identity). (Schultz et al. 2005, p. 24)

Based in ‘who we are as an organization’, a corporate branding focuses on developing the distinctive features of the organization through managerial and organizational processes. These processes endeavor to express who the company is as an organization and demonstrate how it is different compared with its competitors, all the while making this difference relevant and engaging to its stakeholders. With this said, it is clear that corporate branding is influenced by other disciplines like organizational theories, Strategies etc, and considered CB as cross-disciplinary in nature.

Most of the previous studies are carried by marketing scholars since branding is an extract of marketing discipline, conceptualization of product branding is purely outside-in thinking and stakeholders are consumers and customers only. The paper tries to describe the movement towards corporate branding from product branding and can be best quoted as ‘shift from classic branding to corporate branding’. Furthermore, branding literature argues that CB

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