Corporate Citizenship Audit : 1st Draft

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Corporate Citizenship Audit: 1st Draft
Companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Google are often described as great companies because they create products or provide services that have a positive impact for consumers. These companies are innovators and the products that they produce provide a benefit to society. However, a great company in the eye of the consumer does not necessarily translate to a great working environment for employees. Companies are not perfect and at some point choices are made that lead to problems within a company. This happened to Amazon.
The problem with Amazon is that employees are not valued. Instead, the customer has top priority. This is not necessarily wrong, but it comes down to how employees are treated in the
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From the beginning, Amazon’s culture has been based on the personality of its founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos. Bezos’ ideas have created the $250 billion dollar business that Amazon is today. Bezos has pushed the idea of putting the customer first and is driven by a data-driven management philosophy. Like most corporations, Amazon has a code of business Conduct and Ethics that outlines how the company expects its employees to behave. According to the company website, employees are supposed to abide by the law, work in the best interest of Amazon, refrain from discrimination and harassment, and follow other basic guiding principles ( The code of ethics is vague in terms of how employees should be treated by the company and coworkers. Along with this code, Amazon has a list of 14 leadership principles that employees are expected to abide by in their day-to-day work. These leadership principles are supposed to guide employees in their decision making and are a statement of what the company values.
The specific ethical issue facing Amazon is how employees are treated. There are three main reasons contributing to this ethical issue: the work environment, employees are expected to always put their job first, and employees are seen as expendable.
The first issue is the work environment that Amazon creates for employees, this includes the company
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