Corporate Finance, Investment Banking And Risk Management

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Having a great interest in Corporate Finance, International Financial Markets and Institutions, Advanced
Financial Management, Small Business Finance, Investment Banking and Risk Management, I have decided to devote my academic and future professional career to this field.
Classes in Econometrics, Advanced Mathematics, and Quantitative Methods in Economics, taken at
UWED, strengthened my numerical, research and analytical skills, as well as proficiency in using econometric software, such as Maple, Minitab and MathCAD. In addition, I have gained expertness in calculus, discrete mathematics, econometric regression modeling, detecting and eliminating the problems arising from the data collection methods or the nature of data itself.
A Financial management class at BSC brought me closer to the world of Finance. I have found particularly interesting the analysis of financial and pro forma statements, stock and bond valuation techniques, and the cost of capital and time value of money.
Valuable real-world business experience where I exercised my knowledge was gained during my fall semester in Business Strategy class. My team placed first in our race for global market leadership against five other virtual athletic footwear companies run by other classmates in our On-line Simulation Business
Strategy Game. My team and I were to manage our company operating in four world markets and two plants. Cooperative work in executing our company, precise calculations and forecasts, making more…
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