Corporate Finance, Investment Banking And Risk Management

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Having a great interest in Corporate Finance, International Financial Markets and Institutions, Advanced Financial Management, Small Business Finance, Investment Banking and Risk Management, I have decided to devote my academic and future professional career to this field. Classes in Econometrics, Advanced Mathematics, and Quantitative Methods in Economics, taken at UWED, strengthened my numerical, research and analytical skills, as well as proficiency in using econometric software, such as Maple, Minitab and MathCAD. In addition, I have gained expertness in calculus, discrete mathematics, econometric regression modeling, detecting and eliminating the problems arising from the data collection methods or the nature of data itself. A…show more content…
Our team was in Global Top 100 (76th place) among the other School Teams from all over the world. Being a member of Enactus team (formerly SIFE) our Team successfully developed and implemented different projects in the local community, as well as participating in competitions. “Advantage Sustainability 360” Project was created to help local business. Mountaineer Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) were behind two months on rent, and the owners were ready to liquidate their assets. Using obtained knowledge our task was to increase revenues by 40%, increase brand awareness, cut overhead by 15%, track financial records, and make partner self-sustainable. We have consulted the owners, developed a marketing plan suitable for them and area, worked on accounting. As a result in three months we were able to increase revenues by 220% in three months, our teams marketing efforts reached over 30,000 people spread over three counties, decreased overhead cost by 20%, QuickBooks tracks accounting records. Next Project I have initiated was "Ready to Work", which aimed to provide free tutoring and counseling for students in finance and business related subjects, as well as help to prepare for the job market. It helped not only to increase their GPA, but also they benefited from this knowledge in life as well: to find a job, manage their own finances and family
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