Corporate Governance : Notes On Corporate Management

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Corporate Governance


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Introduction; 2
Evolution of corporate governance: 2
Principles of corporate governance: 2
Theories of corporate governance: 2
Models of Corporate governance: 3
Chosen Company: 3
Benchmarking Process: 3
Risk Management: 4
Agency Theory: 5
Stakeholder Theory: 6
Corporate social responsibility (CSR): 7
Conclusion: 7
Bibliography 8

Corporate Governance delivers the guidelines as to how the organisation can be directed and controlled (Cadbury, 1992) . The corporate governance role is not concerned with the day to day business of the company, their main duties associated with giving overall direction to the company that can fulfil organisational goals and objectives (Tricker, 1984). Interestingly Walker Review (2009) defined, the role of corporate governance is also to protect and develop the interest of stakeholders by setting up a strategic direction (Walker, 2009)
Evolution of corporate governance:
The concept of corporate governance is not new to us. Initially it was started from 16th and 17th century since the launch of major chartered companies such as The Levant company, East India Company, etc . In 1970 the phrase of “Corporate Governance” first came into Vogue in the United State and since then it’s now one of the most debating topics all over the world (Cheffins, 2012). Different countries have different corporate governance policies. US corporate governance

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