Corporate Leadership : Google, Stryker, And Activision Blizzard

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Corporate Leadership Google, Stryker, and Activision Blizzard are on Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” (H, 2016). All three of the companies act from a similar servant leadership mind-set, which is a trait placing them on Fortune’s list. Servant leaders move past selfishness by focusing on chances to assist subordinates flourish (Robbins, 2016). Each CEO of the organization has their unique leadership approach while following fundamental leadership principles CEO Sundar Pichai’s seven dimensions of organizational culture operate on the high end, all seven with the exception of stability. Stability operates at a lower end due to always pressing the boundaries of their innovation, and continually pressing the status quo. Google is constantly innovating through keeping user information safe from web abuse while continuing to take risks with Google play, wallet, and cloud systems. Their attention to detail is paramount “down to a single pixel” (Johnson, 2014) right down to moving the shadows of buildings on the Google maps application with the time of day in coordination with the sun. The outcome orientation dimension operates on the higher end of the spectrum due to Google always focusing on the customer everything else will follow. Their people orientation is high due to the encouragement of an open cultural of freely sharing ideas. There is a high team orientation due to Google always using teams for further development within the company. Google’s

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