The Culture at Google

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Culture at Google – Has there not enough been spoken about the culture at Google?
The core of this culture lies in the Founder’s philosophy. Google is ruled by its founders. In the book ‘What would Google do?’ by Jeff Jarvis, there is wonderful line that goes like “There is an inverse relationship between control and trust.” Trust is established in the process of attracting people to the site and more people that come, the more companies flock to the internet and thus the search engine. This is called a two sided network effect. One cannot survive without the other.
This mutual relationship based on transparency and sharing is the core of the movement. Google served as the platform necessary for the interaction between both the sides (the producers and consumers). It gave people control and they used it. The founders of Google worked on this principle.
Google is not a slave to Wall Street – The reason being Google builds a corporate culture that will deliver its mission, and that it is principally organized to drive innovation.
Practices at Google
Since Engineers form half of the organization and as they like to do cool things, they can bid to work on anything they want to after their first year at Google. In this case the popular projects get more attention whereas the lesser popular ones don’t get attention. It is on the Project leads to sell their ideas to the engineers so that it appeals to their engineers.
Innovation is the key driver at Google. As I mentioned
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