Corporate Social Responsibility And Its Impact On Society

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There are a number of definitions of “idealism” and “realism”. Idealism is referred to behaviour or consideration based on an idea of things as they would be, or as we would like them to be, with an inclination to be unreal or imaginative. Realism on the other hand is referred to behaviour or consideration based on a formation of things as they actually are, in spite of how we want them to be, with an inclination to be practical and realistic. Corporate social responsibility has been defined in many ways; one way to define CSR is that CSR takes into consideration how companies manage their business processes to generate on the whole a positive impact on society. Stakeholders are people who are affected by a business. …show more content…

Royle in his journal wants to find out whether employees have substantial rights and if they as a main stakeholder have any influence in the running of the company in one way or another.

The source of the article comes from Blackwell Publishing Ltd.2005. Blackwell Publishing Ltd is one of the world’s leading privately and independently owned in print of scholarly journals and books. What this article does is it gives examples of corporate social responsibility in a specific fast-food restaurant called McDonalds. McDonalds is the world’s biggest chain of burger fast food restaurants, which serves approximately 68 million customers on a daily basis, across 119 countries worldwide Royle has placed great emphasis on both McDonalds in the USA and in Europe and tries to distinguish the differences in how it deals with their employee stakeholders. McDonald’s has joined the ever growing corporations who are trying to be or appear to be socially responsible. McDonalds has started publishing sustainability and social reports and have met with NGOs for example Amnesty International and Greenpeace. McDonalds take corporate social responsibly seriously. In recent times I have personally seen their recycling schemes and reuse schemes, however this would not apply to this article as this article was written in 2005. 90% of McDonald’s employees are low end crew members and this is where the focus lies. Royle argues that work at McDonalds is very

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