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Sustainability in Johnson & Johnson
First Year Seminar: Sustainability and Social Justice
Betty Yu
Northwestern University
Sustainability in Johnson & Johnson Johnson & Johnson is an American multinational company that manages and produces medical devices, pharmaceutical, and consumer packaged goods and are the brains behind recognizable products such as Band-Aids, Neutrogena, etc. This corporation has been turning heads with its sustainability program which has awarded them a ranking of number eight on Forbes’s list of Top Sustainable Companies of 2017. This paper explores Johnson & Johnson’s personal stance on sustainability and how it has developed over time in the corporation’s background and history. Named as one of the …show more content…

This definition is almost identical to that of the Brundtland Report’s view on global sustainability. Many organizations and corporations have since then embedded the Brundtland Report’s concepts of sustainability and sustainable development, whether it’s for genuine care for the world or the desire to increase positive publicity to consumers. But the process of determining and implementing the definition can be tricky as many struggle with twisting around the term with its broad and interpretable definition. Many arguments have surrounded the issue of when a company releases its sustainable development progress to the stakeholders, they will reap many advantages that are not usually associated with releasing this soft of data in an annual financial …show more content…

In other words, these socially responsible companies will evaluate not only the short and long term economic outcomes of their present decisions but also the long-term environmental and societal outcomes of their current actions. This thus leads to the triple bottom line approach of reporting environmental, social, and economic performance. In addition, Wilson from the Ivey Business Journal argues about corporate social responsibility or the CSR. The CSR has been around longer than the term and implication of “sustainable development” but has similar guidelines. From about 1953 the on, the main debate was whether corporate managers had an ethical responsibility to consider the needs of society and by 1980, it was generally and consensually accepted that corporate managers should and did have this moral responsibility. So by incorporating sustainability plans or even creating a separate branch dedicated to doing so, the company’s reputation often is increased, which over the long term, will contribute to accentuate customer loyalty, market share, and brand value and awareness. (Wilson, 2003) This case study done on Johnson & Johnson published by the IMA Educational Case Journal analyzes the impact that implementations of these sustainability

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