Correlation Between Extracurricular Activities And Grade Point Averages

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2.0.0. Introduction In order to analyze the trend of the relationship between extracurricular activities and grade point averages, historical perspectives will be explored. This chapter addresses why grade point averages have become so vital to students’ future success. Association among peer acceptance, positive behaviours, character building, and G.P.A. are also included. Finally, the proven benefits of curricular activities found in recent studies will be described. 2.0.1. LITERATURE REVIEW. Academics are an important part of each student’s University years, especially since University grades play an integral role in promising jobs acceptance. Parents spend a lot of time encouraging their teens to study more and play less in the pursuit of this goal. They believe that devoting a great deal of time to studying guarantees success in future jobs applications. The purpose of this study is to explore and widen the knowledge of everyone on how being involved in extra-curricular activities can influence development in academics, social skills and completion. Determining the long-lasting effects of extracurricular activities may help parents and students understand how participation can impact students ' development now and in the future. Extra-curricular activities are a part of students’ everyday life. They play important roles in student’s lives. They have positive effects on student’s lives by improving behaviour, school performance, school completion, positive aspects to
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