Counseling Specializations & Multidisciplinary Teams

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The main concept of this study is to effectively display Multidisciplinary Teams and the role they have on the field of Mental Health. MDTs have been proven to be an effective format for collaboration of Mental Health Clinicians to exhibit the core concepts of wellness, resilience, and prevention for the overall health of the patient. Evidence has been shown to prove that when MDTs are being practiced in the field of study, Mental Health Clinicians exhibit enthusiasm of the skills and ideas being learned. In addition, MDTs deliver clinicians a significant amount of chances to collaborate with different clinicians to learn new skill sets and therapeutic approaches to provide exceptional and complete care for the patients. Even though MDTs…show more content…
On the other side, the Mental Health Clinician will work with Paul to overcome being anxious after coming back home from being deployed, which is affecting his mental state with leading a normal and healthy life. Mental Health clinicians can exhibit sensitivity and empathy to show Paul they care about his well-being. With sensitivity, it opens up a dialogue with Paul at the initial stages of the counseling process where it limits misunderstanding and negative impacts of the progression of counseling.

If I was a Mental Health clinician working with Paul to overcome his anxiety issues, I would also make sure to utilize a multidisciplinary team including an addictions counselor since Paul has been exhibiting signs of a drinking addiction. I would collaborate with the addictions counselor to come up with an effective treatment plan for Paul. To ensure working in a collaborative environment, I would encourage Paul to have a session with me immediately after he has his session with the addictions counselor and vice versa. This will allow both me and the addictions counselor to meet after the sessions to review everything and to share ideas with one another to see what is working and not working with Paul and to implement the next steps in the treatment process. Both the addictions counselor and I should be able to evaluate treatment outcomes and set treatment goals to ensure a full and effective prognosis for Paul. In terms of Paul’s addiction issue, I would suggest
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