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Case Study
I was able to witness series of cases in Brampton court located at 7755 Hurontario Street, Brampton, ON. Initially, I was suppose to attend court dates to witness Acorn to Oak lawyer’s client on November 4th and 5th , 2015, but due to my professional class in school, I missed the 4th of November date. However, I was able to meet up with the agency lawyer on the second day, and then debrief how the case went day before.
CASE #1 As I have mentioned above, I missed the first day of court, but the lawyer gave me a brief background of the client. A male named Neil Hills, in his early twenties. According to the lawyer, he has known Neil since he was born because client’s mother and the lawyer are friends. Neil has been in several troubles …show more content…

Actually, I did not witness it, I was told by Acorn to Oak lawyer. He said, the young male disappeared from the court at the middle of his case. At this time, the judge who handled his case ordered for his arrest. According to the Acorn to Oak lawyer, it took 3 months before they could get the young man arrested again. How it happened, police pulled a car over around downtown Toronto, with 3 to 4 young teen male inside the vehicle. The officer saw the young male that match a description of who they have been searching for. After looking in and out the vehicle, police found a gun, and crack cocaine inside the vehicle. This is how he got arrested and placed in jail. On 5th of November 2015, the young man case was supposed to be reopened, and they asked an officer to bring him inside the court. Unfortunately, the young man did not come. Consequently, I was unable to see the end result that day. Nevertheless, for the fact that this young man ran off the courtroom on the day he was supposed to get his case finalize, I think, in my opinion that the judge will sent him to 2 years in prison with 8 months community

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