Cow Pharmacy Case Study Essay

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The project the Baroness should invest in is the Cow Pharmacy: Soil Biomediation with genetically modified E.coli by Group Three. They are proposing to insert a gene into E.coli, which will release enzymes and aid in the Biomediation of soil when the cow defecates. This will assist in creating a healthier environment for the cows and other consumers by reducing the amount of pollution and waste that is present in the soil. This is particularly useful and solves a real world problem because pollution is problem that we have been dealing with for an extended period of time. It is starting to take a drastic toll on the environment as temperatures of the world and the melting of ice in the polar ice caps leading to climate changes. The project would be profitable. Cattle are already given antibiotics and so, adding a bit more in order to make the…show more content…
Their proposal involved increasing root vegetable yield by decreasing fuscarium culmarcium. The authors were knowledgeable in what they were saying. They had a good cloning diagram and did a nice job explain it. The main flaw, and the reason I did not select this project, for this project was that they said they were unsecure of the selection. They said that they were unsure why the trait was being selected. This meant that what was happening could have been due to a completely different variable and not what they were testing. Due to this I felt there proposal was not concrete since it did not have a solid background. Group five was also quite quiet. This was the presentation that I had the greatest trouble remembering due to the fact that I missed a few portions of what they said every now and then. When I also tried to read the poster, the print was a bit too small and thus leads to difficulties in understanding the project. They did a nice job discussing ethical issues and
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