Coyotes In City Analysis

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Coyotes Create Chaos In City Coyotes have been an issue in Southern California for decades now, specifically in the city of La Habra. An uprise in coyote attacks over the last few years has finally brought the attention of the city council. Coyotes going into residential areas and attacking pets is becoming more common. La Habra pet owners are leaving pet food and garbage outside at night which tends to attract the coyotes into residential areas. In order to stop coyotes from coming into residential areas and the attacks on pets, any food source the coyotes might want should be kept indoors along with the actual pet itself. Coyotes are not just a problem in La Habra, but most if not all of Southern California, and they can affect anyone,…show more content…
Coyotes are attracted to food, shelter, and free roaming pets. In the article “Why is there a coyote in my backyard” states coyotes are attracted to any type of food or water left out, fallen fruit from trees, and garbage from garbage cans (“Why, Is There”). Coyotes are also using small brush near or around houses to prey on small animals or pets (“Living”). When coyotes discover food or water in one yard or home, they will return and search many other homes having the impression that there might be more food or water at the next…show more content…
Coyotes return to homes because they have got use to finding food daily. According to the article “Keep me wild:Coyote” “Coyotes primarily hunt rodents and rabbits for food, but will take advantage of whatever is available including garbage, pet food, and domestic animals”. They also state garbage cans should be kept tightly closed and make sure they are not tippable. Remove any source of food and water such as peed food, fallen tree fruit, or bird feeders (“Keep”). Pet owners need to keep pets inside during the night, they also need to take any other things the coyotes might want to eat. Coyotes have got so use to there being food in residential areas, that they know exactly where to go back and get more. Once the coyotes are use to there being no more food were they expect food to be, they will stop showing up and therefore the attacks will stop.
If confronted by a coyote hazing could save you or others from being attacked. In the article “Coyote Hazing: Guidelines for Discouraging Neighborhood Coyotes” defines hazing as “a method that makes use of deterrents to move an animal out of an area or discourage an undesirable behavior or activity”. They state some methods of hazing include yelling and waving your arms, making loud noise, or
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