Cracking Egg

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One of the oldest questions to ever cross the human mind involves an egg. It all starts out like this. Which came first the chicken or the egg? You know what it doesn't matter which came first because we are gonna learn how to crack an egg. Cracking an egg is one of the simplest task anyone or anything could do. All one has to do is follow these simple steps, finding an egg, cracking the egg, and discarding the remains. I will tell you how to do this in the next couple of paragraphs.

I’m about to bestow enough information about cracking an egg upon you that it might just scramble your brain! Let us begin. Here you are wondering how one cracks an egg. Well it is easier than you think.all you have to do is walk into the kitchen straight towards …show more content…

Most people might grab a glass bowl for a more of a sturdier base and enough potential to penetrate the outer shell of the egg. Now once you have the bowl of your choice hold the egg over the edge of the rim of the bowl. In a stirn way of downward motion tap the egg on the edge of the bowl. It may take a couple of taps to crack the egg. Just remember that you don't want to destroy your egg on the rim of the bowl, you just want enough power behind you so that it makes tiny cracks alongside the edge of the outer shell. Once you see the tiny cracks along the outer shell of the egg try to then split the shell of the egg into two parts. Then let the inner part of the egg, correctly known as the yoke, drop down into the bowl that you have picked out. See cracking an egg wasn't so hard after all now was it. Just remember that the process that you've started isn't over …show more content…

Here comes the part that everyone hates. Once cooking is over. You now have to discard your egg shells the proper way but first the bowl. Now make your way to the sink and place the bowl into the sink. Reach for the faucet handles, turn on the water and pour some water in the bowl. Grab a rag a lightly clean the inside of the bowl. Once there is nothing in the bowl and it has been lightly cleaned then place the bowl into the dishwasher, add dish soap, close the dishwasher door, then press the on remember those egg shells you had well now you're gonna be discarding those. From the dishwasher be making your way to the trashcan. Once at the trash can, open it and put the egg shells you no longer need into the trash. Now that you have placed them into the trash now it is time to go outside and place that trash bag into the big green trashcan. Once making your way back inside and everything is clean, then you are done.

Now whether this detailed essay on how to crack an egg may seem like a yoke to you, it is actually a really good step by step way of teaching you how to properly crack the egg. If it wasn't for essays like this one then no one would really know how to do much of anything or have any sense of humor. Whether you crack your egg in a different way or the way I have provided in the essay above it is simple that cracking an egg isn’t very hard to do. It is so easy anyone can do

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