Creating A Sound Integrated System

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- SHRAY SHARAN UIN: 924002947 ABSTRACT: Combining various systems to form one single information system is called Integration. A sound integrated system is very important to facilitate the passage of information from one system to another. Also if the system is properly integrated data from the various partnering systems can be accessed more easily. But it is not as easy as it sounds. The process of integration requires a lot of challenges. INTRODUCTION: -Through my experience in Information Technology, I have realized that a business firm cannot exploit its potential to the maximum without using its data properly. So an organization cannot achieve its goals…show more content…
Integration in this situation is a very difficult job as coordinating tasks between 2 companies is a very difficult job. 2- Dirty Data: - Inaccurate, Inconsistent, incomplete and duplicate data comes in the category of dirty data. From the logic of Garbage in Garbage out, Dirty data as input will produce Dirty Data as output. Organizations usually realize that very late in the product life cycle that the data is dirty. Usually the reports generated by dirty data will amplify the errors further when the data is used and these errors will be impossible to debug. Organizations might lose a lot of revenue because of this problem. When this data is used by other systems, it impacts their data also. The impact of dirty data is in all departments of an enterprise from marketing to finance, human resources, customer relationships etc. 3- Data Security: Data security makes the task of data integration very challenging. Confidential data such as Customer’s credit card details, account balance etc. are usually not readily accessible. First challenge is to get the access from the appropriate stake holders. Even if the access is arranged the data is so sensitive that while integrating it, we need to make sure that the confidentiality of the data is not breached. 4- We never
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