Creating Two Bad Behavior Of Case And Disease Management Systems Scenarios

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31266 – Introduction to Information Systems
Autumn -2015
Assignment I
1. Create TWO bad behaviour of Case and Disease Management systems scenarios and explain each in detail?
The Encyclopaedia of Business, 2nd Edition on the Reference for Business website describes a role of a management information system as ‘a computer system that provides management and other personnel within an organisation with up-to-date information’ (Management Information Systems, para 4). A bad behaviour scenario is when this system does not meet the intended requirements and leaves the business less efficient and the customers dissatisfied.

First scenario: A patient suffers from heart disease. Their medical consultation history such as appointments and follow-up care is taken care of by the case management system and the progress of their heart disease in managed by the disease management system. The patient moves houses and thus has a change in address, however this change, due to poor management, has only been recorded in the disease management system and thus the old address is still active in the case management system. Confidential health reports are sent to the wrong address due to the incorrect information in the case management system, unknown to the hospital. This compromises the patient 's medical privacy and also inconveniences them as they are not receiving their own personal health reports by mail. Second scenario: A

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