Creationism Should Be Taught In Schools

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In your speech you used a poll to support that creationism should be taught at school. however your use of it as evidence was faulty.According to the article you used Evolution versus Creationism: The Public Education Controversy only 13% say both evolution and creationism should be taught as “scientific theories” in science class. You then stated that a “follow-up survey was conducted in mid- December. Random-Digit-Dial sampling was used to ensure that the results are projectable to the American public as a whole. So based on this evidence, people want their kids to be taught both creationism and evolution so they will be able to make their own choices of what they believe.” In the survey 66% wanted evolution 16% wanted merely
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It is to show respect to the 66% of people in your survey those who don't share similar beliefs. It also gives right to the parents to decide whether or not they want their child to be exposed to creationism. This is why believe it is not okay to teach creationism in school as a science. Also if a parent or child does want to learn about creationism than the perfect place to be taught that would be a religious affiliation,the Internet, home, or if you attend a church of some kind you can ask plenty about it there. From experience we know that you can learn a lot about creationism in these setting but believe they should be kept separate in order to allow parents and students to be able to pick and choose what they're exposed to. We also must state that we are not saying to prohibit the learning of creationism, we are countering the argument that it belongs in the science classroom due to its bias and philosophical manner. You also stated that “All in all, creationism should be taught in public schools along with evolution because they are both belief systems, it would help students use critical thinking skills to see what they believe about the models, and people want it to be taught…show more content…
It's based on a matter of faith. Also there are some religions whose stories of the creation of the world are far different than Christian
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